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If you like to play contact sports, it’s important that you understand the risk this can pose to your teeth and jaws. For example, you could sustain a cracked tooth or knocked-out tooth as a result of a hard blow to the head from a ball or knee. We encourage all patients who play contact sports to wear an athletic mouth guard, and there are a few style options to choose from.

Stock mouth guards can provide you with a basic and inexpensive appliance to wear your smile, and are available at local sporting goods stores. Stock mouth guards come in one size or so and aren’t customized to the shape of your mouth. For this reason, you may find that this type of mouth guard can affect your breathing and feel loose in your mouth.

A boil-and-bite mouth guard offers a more fitted option because it’s boiled in water to become soft and then bitten into to shape the appliance to your bite pattern. As the material cools, it will harden up. Still, you may determine that this appliance is too bulky for your taste.

A custom mouth guard tends to be the most effective and efficient option, and you can receive your appliance from Dr. Alla Hart at our office. We submit your bite pattern to a dental lab to custom make the appliance from a thermoplastic material that can prevent damage to your teeth and jaws. The proper fit of a mouth guard can also prevent damage to your brain, such as concussions, and enable the appliance to last several years if well cared for.

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