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Your child’s primary teeth can play several important roles. Not only do they provide your son or daughter with the basic ability to bite and chew food, but they also may play a structural role in their long-term oral development.

If a primary tooth is lost to a severe cavity or dental fracture it might alter the natural structure in that part of their mouth. This could cause multiple permanent teeth in the area to emerge from the gum at an unhealthy angle. These misaligned teeth could eventually become prone to suffering chipped tooth enamel and dental attrition on the biting surface.

If your child’s bi-annual dental exam reveals a large cavity on a primary tooth our dentists can explain your treatment options. In a case where the area of tooth decay has compromised a significant amount of healthy tooth enamel Drs. Hart and Mikhaylova might recommend treating the primary tooth by performing a dental crown restoration.

Also known as a dental cap, the treatment strategy is designed to replace the primary tooth’s enamel layer with a durable dental material. One it has been carefully installed the dental crown can maintain the tooth basic function in their mouth, while also preserving the structural presence until it’s permanent replacement is ready to emerge from the gums.

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